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Audi TT RS has become even more powerful
Июнь 05, 2013
Audi TT RS has become even more powerful

Audi has decided that the flagship TT - modified RS - not hurt to add a little more power and has released a version under the name of uncomplicated TT RS plus. The word hidden plus gain of 20 horsepower, and a number of smaller changes. The "plus" version will be available as a coupe and roadster. 

In fact, Audi has made itself what is normally given at the mercy of a tuning shop. Increased boost pressure raised the power of the 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine from 340 to 360 power, and traction - from 450 to 465 N ∙ m All wheel drive and a choice of two transmissions (six-step "mechanics" or "robot" with seven stages) remain the same. With such an aggregate set of TT RS plus shoots from zero to 100 km / h in 4.1 s (data for a coupe with a "robot" - a car with the "mechanics" do it at 0.2 seconds slower). For comparison, the regular version of TT RS performs the same exercise in 4.3 s.

Visual cues plus modifications are minimal and are available only a trained eye: the radiator grille painted in matt silver color instead of black, carbon fiber side mirrors in body color and anthracite 19-inch wheels with a red stripe on the rim and tires 255/35. All of these improvements will cost consumers the factory TT RS plus 4,000 euros.

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Июнь 09, 2013
Вникаем в причины изменений в обновлённом кроссовере Audi Q5
Пятидверка Audi Q5 — самый популярный среднеразмерный кроссовер в премиум-сегменте. В 2011 году в России реализовали 4880 машин. Для сравнения, Mercedes GLK разошёлся тиражом 3456 штук, а BMW X3 — 2205. У одних — двигатель пьёт масло вёдрами, у других — замена или подшипников «робота» S tronic в гарантийный период, или вовсе самой коробки. Узлы и агрегаты у владельцев современных автомобилей Audi нарекания вызывают. Особенно жарко на форумах обсуждаются турбомоторы и роботизированные коробки передач S tronic с их проблемами. Кроссовер Audi Q5, разумеется, фигурирует в этом списке, но после планового обновления ...
Июнь 05, 2013
Audi A4 turns into a minivan
Several years ago, the Audi felt the idea of ​​dead-monocab: after the release of the compact A2 company's more to this subject did not return. But, as the German edition AutoBild, within the range of active extension the German company has decided to continue experiments in the category of larger and more prestigious minivans. Based on the A4 model will create a comfortable car with ample transformable interior, designed for travel. Debut of new products expected to close by 2016. We can say that the Audi does something in the spirit of Ford S-Max Premium.According to preliminary data, "Cart" lengthen A4: increase the wheelbase and overhangs. This will make the adjustable ...
Июнь 05, 2013
Audi has its eye on the Ducati
Audi is considering the purchase of the famous Italian motoproizvoditelya Ducati. This information was leaked by sources close to company management. We are talking about buying the brand and settlement of its debt, which amounts to 800 million euros. In this case, the cost is estimated at Ducati 50 million euros. To purchase motobrenda Germans have a very good reason. In recent years, many automakers are expanding their business through a two-wheeled vehicles, and one of the main rivals Audi, the company BMW, manufactures motorcycles c 1920s. Another incentive could be that Audi owns a long-forgotten motobrend NSU, who, after buying Ducati can experience a rebirth. According ...
Июнь 05, 2013
Audi goes to Le Mans aerodynamically optimized
Five more weeks until the Le Mans 24 Hours celebrates its 90th anniversary. Over the period of 14 years, Audi has won this classic race eleven times and in doing so has consistently been delivering top performances in aerodynamics as well. They are a major reason for excellent lap times being achieved again and again despite the reductions of engine output due to the regulations. A look at Audi’s first sports prototype is quite revealing, as the concept of the Audi R8R from 1999 clearly differed from the current R18 e-tron quattro – not only because the first race car had an open cockpit as opposed to the closed one of the current car. On the road from the past to the present, not ...