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June 05, 2013
BMW M6 Gran Coupe at Circuit Of The Americas F1 Track
Much has been written about the gorgeous new BMW M6 Gran Coupe, but and this is a big but, no track reviews. Is this going to be a big powerful yet understeering German beast? Or is it going to be a true drivers car? BMWBLOG went to Austin, Texas to drive the new 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe on COTA, Circuit of The Americas, the new US F1 racetrack. We are also putting to test BMW’s Carbon-Ceramic Brakes on a really high speed course to see if they hold up as advertised. History tells us that the M division will, without a doubt, work their magic and deliver yet again an excellent track monster that’s still civil enough for daily use. However, being that the 6 Series Gran Coupe is such ...
February 14, 2013
BMW 2 Series Convertible goes for a drive in the cold
The BMW 2 Series is the car that will eventually replace the 1 Series here in the United States (remember: the 1 Series moniker will live on to describe the hatchback models in other markets), and while we've seen the new coupe out on the prowl, we're now seeing the droptop version out on the road. We don't have much information about the new 2er models, only that they are expected to bow sometime in 2014.Dimensionally, the new 2 Series convertible looks very similar in size to its outgoing 1 Series kin, with things like the roofline and roof shape looking nearly identical. Of course, reworked front and rear fascias are immediately noticeable, and judging by what little we can see, it appears ...